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Service guarantee

Quality and service commitment

I always adhere to the "quality first, users first" for the purpose of service, and actively introduce advanced technology at home and abroad to accelerate the development of new products, and strive to technology, quality, management level to meet or exceed the national standards, to the highest level of international The At the same time, actively using first-class means of detection, and strive to achieve "a product inspection rate of more than 90 percent pass rate, customer complaints rate of not more than once a month," the quality objectives, so that the factory product pass rate of 100%. To this end, solemn promise to the user:

pre-sale service:

I guarantee the quality of products in line with international and national standards and the requirements of the contract。 I am the buyer to provide the necessary inspection convenience and all technical advisory services, after the signing of the contract, with the user to complete the construction process, such as project progress, design and manufacturing, drawing documents, packaging and transportation, commissioning and other work。 During the production and processing of the product, the buyer can send staff to my company to supervise the production, testing and debugging。 When the product is finished, the buyer can accept the company for acceptance。 After the factory, the company provides technical advisory services, if necessary, you can send technical staff to use the unit staff training to ensure that users use the product performance characteristics。

Sale service:

In the product manufacturing period, we are always in contact with customer protection and communication, we strictly in accordance with the requirements of the contract.

After-sales service:

In the user to provide product installation, commissioning, operation of the consultation and services, take the initiative to meet the user, so that the final product safety and smooth operation.

In response to the user after the need for service information in a timely manner. Handling the problem, if not in the contract time (usually 48 hours) within a reasonable, effective and practical program to make up for defects and make a complete response, the user can take the necessary remedial measures, but the risk and cost by me Side bear.

My company's products, "Three Guarantees" services, products in the "Three Guarantees" period (12 months) within the quality problems, the investigation is a multi-party responsibility, according to the actual product quality problems, strict implementation of repair, Retirement of the contents of the Company's quality assurance undertaking。

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