Zhejiang Yongyu,fittings Co.,Ltd

Electric Power Fitting

· JNS series four-core-centralized strain clamp(anchor clamp)

· NXJ Series insulation strain clamp(wedqe type)

· Single insulator tension string

· Single insulator suspension string

· Insulator suspension string (type V)

· Supenbing string (type V)

· Φ250 Tubular bus-bar jumping string(type V)

· Φ250 Tubular bus-bar fitting installation drawing

· Tubular bus-bar assemble drawing

· Tubular bus-bar assemble drawing

· Mounting instruction of type KLMG crossing bus-bar transition fittings

· Crossing road fittings

· Cable fittings

· Tubular bus-bar fittings

· Hanging supports for channel bar

· Spacers for channel bar

· Supports for channel bar

· Spacers for rectangular bar

· Indoor supports for bar(vertical setting)

· Indoor supports for bar(horizontal setting)

· Clevis-clevises

· Parallel clevises

· Chain links

· Shackles(type U)

· Socket clevises

· Ball eyes

· Turnbuckles(channel clevises)

· Turnbuckle(type U)

· Turnbuckle(type round)

· Double crossing clevises

· Single crossing clevises

· Adjusting links

· Yoke plates

· T-connectors for double conductors & Tap-conductor(bolled type)

· T-connectors for double conductor(bolt type hydraulic compression type)

· T-connectors for double-burdle conductor

· T-connectors for double-bundle conductor of bolt type

· T-connectors for double-bundle conductors

· T-connectors

· T-connectors for single conductor

· T-connectors(hydraulic compression type)

· T-connectors for single conductor of bolt type

· Radiators

· Grading rings、Grading & shielding rings

· Spacers for Three-bundle conductor

· Spacers for double-bundle conductor

· Spacers for double bundle conductor

· Six-bundle to Two-bundle clamps

· Fout-bundle to Two-bundle clamps

· copper to aluminum adapter board

· Tubular bus-bar expansion joints

· Expansion joint for channel bar

· copper bus-bar expansion joint

· Copper-aluminum expansion joints(bus-bars connected with equipment)

· Aluminum bus-bar expansion joint(bus-bars connected with each others)

· Copper-aluminum,aluminum parallel groove clamp

· C type copper connecting clamp

· Copper bolt clamp

· Aluminum clamps

· Parallel-groove clamp

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